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Early birds get the best prices

This is Unfolded makes affordable, sustainable clothes that look good and do good. We want to make sure people can afford to shop clothes that make a difference! So we make a difference with our prices...

1. We offer sustainable clothes at an affordable price

2. Instead of offering big discounts, our prices actually increase the longer the clothes have been on sale.



Early orders help us make even more of an impact - we can plan better, we can grow and scale our operations, allowing us to get better deals on fabric, logistics and sustainable packaging. We can work better with the factory who can plan their cutting, stitching and finishing timelines even better.

And instead of doing discounts for late arrivals, we want to reward the early purchasers. That is why our best prices are available at the start of the collection. You get clothes that look good and do good - at a great price, without the waste.

Haven't made up your mind, or not ready to shop yet? That's fine - but prices increase the longer the collection has been on sale.

What does this mean?

One of our favourites is the Khadiza dress. This dress would cost around £47 at a high-street retailer. Our price at launch is £35.

The traditional price you pay with fast fashion brands and high street retailers has a huge amount of profit margin built into it to take into account the mass amounts of products produced that aren’t sold, the sky high return rates that most modern brands face and a chunky margin for the businesses. We cut the waste by only producing clothes once they have been ordered, we have super-low return rates, and we invest the savings into higher salaries for workers and better prices for our customers.

The idea behind our dynamic price model is that we pull forward the sales usually generated at the end of the collection by offering you a better price the earlier you order. If you want to leave it till the last minute, that’s fine - but you’ll be charged a bit more.

Our first increase will be at 11:59 on the 14th of November 2021, with prices rising by 10%.

So if you want to get the best deal on the Khadiza, shop now!

Why do we do this?

This is Unfolded does things differently. We involve our customers at every step in the process, we use data and feedback, and we experiment and innovate with all aspects of our business model to find out where we can make savings and make clothes that ultimately do good in the world. Our price strategy is part of this, and we are constantly learning and improving, so that we can make sure we build a sustainable business model that has a positive impact on the planet, the workers who make our clothes and the people who buy them.

That way, we can create a movement for real change.


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