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Our Impact

We remove the waste from the traditional fashion model and use the savings for positive impact in the world.

Meaning that This is Unfolded is better for shoppers, better for society, better for garment workers and better for the planet.

People keep asking brands to do better - we decided to start a movement to build a better brand!

Positive Change

In the communities of India where we make our clothes 50% of children by the age of 10 can’t read or write. We're using the savings created by removing waste by the Unfolded model to change this and in turn change lives.

How we do this is really simple - for every order, we support a child in education through our partner, Pratham.

Pratham is a leading NGO in India and reaches millions of children each year across 21 states, providing support from basic literacy to arithmetic skills.

In India half of the children who reach the fifth grade (aged 10 years old) aren’t able to read and write. Once children fall behind, that can be the chance of literacy within their lifetime gone. Pratham helps prevent this.

The impact generated is set per product, 

Dresses - 2 months of support for a child in education

Tops - 1 month of support for a child in education

Basics - 1 month of support a child in education

When you buy from This is Unfolded you help to give the gift of literacy.

Positive Garment Worker Impact

By removing the waste in the traditional model we’ve also ensured we can pay workers better with This is Unfolded compared to traditional brands. 

We work with factories that pay better wages to workers, and we also ensure that workers directly benefit from each order.

To do this we’ve created the Unfolded Worker Fund, where we pay workers, on top of their wages, based on the number of orders per collection. With Collection 01 and 02 this should mean that workers receive an additional 1,000 rupees in addition to their normal wages.

Enviromental Impact

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, but the Unfolded model is designed to put a stop to this.

By only making products after you’ve placed your order, we remove the 30% of products that are created and never worn. This approach has a hugely positive impact on our environmental footprint and we believe will help counteract the lorry load of clothes sent to landfill every second by others according to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

Alongside this, we offset the carbon created through transportation and use recycled packaging.

We know how to make impact

We believe in creating a positive impact in the world and in 2020 we saved hundreds of thousands of items from ending up in landfill and supported 113,000 people for just over a month each through our Lost Stock intiative.

You can read our impact report on this work here.

Make a positive impact