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Pratham UK & This is Unfolded -
Supporting children in education

Of the 26 million Indian children who enter year two of school two each year, half will reach year six unable to read or write. Together, we want to change this.

This is Unfolded: ethical shopping that changes lives

4,000 children have learnt to read and write thanks to your conscious shopping with This is Unfolded. Working with Pratham UK, your sustainable shopping changes lives.

Ethical shopping that changes lives with education

This is Unfolded makes sustainable clothes without the waste, and invest the savings in positive impact that changes lives. One of the most important and incredible things we do is support children in education with Pratham.

This video was made earlier this month at a Pratham education centre in Delhi, which has been funded by This is Unfolded shoppers.

These children have either never previously been in formal education, or they have dropped out due to their parents moving to look for work. In the Pratham education centre they're being supported to learn to read and write.

The videos below show them singing songs they've learnt from books over the last couple of months thanks to sustainable, ethical shopping from This is Unfolded, which supports these children in education with every purchase.

Ethical fashion that teaches children to read & write

Pratham powers This is Unfolded's education support in India. Pratham UK is a registered charity that engages communities across the UK to raise awareness and funds for Pratham’s work in India.

Pratham's work is wide-ranging, and one of the most important aspects is literacy and learning interventions that engage children from age 3-14 in order to improve their basic reading, writing and maths skills.

The situation for many children in India is challenging, and half of children starting school will still not know how to read or write after several years in formal education.

"At Pratham we take a flexible, frugal approach to our work, as we know that the need for our work vastly outstrips our resources – so every pound spent counts. We work across the vast canvas of India’s communities, both rural and urban; and we are responsive to the wide variety of religious, cultural, and socioeconomic contexts in which children and young people live and learn. Everything we do is designed to be replicated or scaled. Our innovative programs target the learning needs of children and young people according to the educational ability of the individual, and at different stages in their development." says Nick Sankey of Pratham UK.

Every child has a right to education. One that prepares them for life and for work. With Pratham, your sustainable shopping from This is Unfolded helps make that happen.

"Pratham’s impact on the lives of millions of kids has been tremendous; it is quite simply an exceptional, best-in-class organisation that has managed to scale across India."

- Abhijit Banerjee, 2019 Nobel Laureate

Hiba's story

Hiba lives with her parents, brother, and a sister near Delhi in India. Her father works as a labourer and her mother is a homemaker. Hiba's brother goes to school, while her sister is very young.

Hiba's daily routine now involves going to school every day, attending tuition classes, and babysitting her younger sister. Hiba wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Hiba says she enjoyed Pratham’s summer camp. She got to learn through new games and she really liked that!

When you shop sustainable clothes from This is Unfolded you're having a direct impact on the lives of thousands of children in India. In our newsletters and regular updates from the work that we do, you'll hear more about how children like Hiba benefit from the support your sustainable shopping does.

Changing lives with your shopping


Shopping sustainable clothes with This is Unfolded funds Teaching at the Right Level and community work around Gurugram, a satellite city of Delhi. We are making a huge difference to the lives of children - 4,000 children so far, and we've just gotten started.

We are helping fixing a broken system, working with people just like you to make a big impact in the world, just by making a small change… shopping in a different way. Will you be a part of it with us?

Children in education supported by Pratham UK, funded by sustainable shopping from This is Unfolded.


Sustainable shopping changing lives

Every purchase from This is Unfolded supports a child in education. Our collections of sustainable, waste-free clothes are made in collaboration with our community of shoppers. Every single purchase helps a child in India learn to read and write, giving them a better future. Sustainable clothes that changes lives - this is ethical shopping that really makes a difference.

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