We’re focused on building an entirely new way of producing and selling clothes that is better for the environment, better for workers, better for the people who buy our clothes and has a positive impact on the world.

But what’s the point of saying all that if we don’t track our progress and do so in a transparent manner?

After every This is Unfolded Collection we create an in depth report on the performance of the collection and the impact it’s created - plus a bunch of the feedback we got from people just like you and everything we learnt during the process. and are working on improving for the next one.

You can access the full report for Collection 02 below.


Some of the highlights include:

  • 37.25% repeat purchase rate from Collection 01 - this is industry-defining!
  • Our delivery timeframe was 3-8 weeks
  • We received all 5* reviews on TrustPilot
  • 625 kids supported in education for the next 12 months
  • 379 workers benefited from the Unfolded Worker fund
  • You told us you wanted size 6 - Collection 03 will be offered in a size range from 6-24
  • We increased the size of the collection from 14 styles to over 20
  • Our packing error rate increased as we removed the need to buy multiple items - we’ve simplified packing going forward


VIEW the FULL Report from Collection 02

The in-depth report from Collection 02 is just available. You can access the report here to read about the process, results and impact of our second collection. Find out how This is Unfolded is changing lives, while creating amazing clothes that are better for the environment.

"Great new concept - ethical clothing that is tracked from creation to delivery that gives back to the communities that make it."

- This is Unfolded customer

Collection 01 report

The impact and results from our first collection is in the Collection 01 report - download it here to see how This is Unfolded and your shopping made a difference.

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