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Clothes that look good and do good

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a new way to shop

Fast fashion is killing the planet - This is Unfolded is a new way to shop that is better for the planet, you and our workers!

We make clothes without the waste, and invest the savings in higher wages for our workers and supporting children in education.


Traditional retailers build in high margins as 30% of the clothes they make will never sell.

We cut this waste and create positive impact and better prices for you in the process.

At This is Unfolded we design clothes in colloboration with you, over 1,500 women helped design our fourth collection. We then wait until we have orders placed before producing your clothes.

This way, we remove the 30% of clothes that are produced each year and never sell in the traditional retail model. With the savings made we support a children in education and pay garment workers higher wages.

Better for the planet, better for the people who make our clothes and better for your purse!

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