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30% of new clothes made every year are never sold

That will be 24 billion items of clothing this year

These pointless clothes create 3% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Don’t you think it’s time we stop killing our planet like this? We need a better way to make clothes - so we've invented one!

We make clothes without the waste and change lives with the savings.

Everything is designed with our community of customers.

We started last year with a hundred women - now over 3,500 people help us design everything we create! And we only start producing once orders come in.

This means we only make clothes we know you will actually love!

This approach saves lots of money

That is how we can offer you amazing, sustainable clothes at fantastic prices...

And with every order we support children around our factories to read and write.

In the past 16 months we have funded over 3,500 kids in education.

Unfolded is better for you, better for the planet and better for the people who make our clothes!

10,000+ women in the UK have now shopped from Unfolded - rating us 4.9* on Trustpilot!

25% Off Your First Order

We know it’s sometimes hard to justify trying something new (no matter how amazing it sounds) - that’s why we’re offering you 25% off some of our most popular styles to try Unfolded for the first time! Just use the code UNFOLDED25 when purchasing any of these items.

Once you try Unfolded you’ll fall in love with our new way of making clothes and the positive impact you can create in the world with your clothes.

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Your Welcome Offer:
25% Off Selected Styles with code UNFOLDED25

  • Designed by over 3,500 women
  • Production linked to demand to remove waste
  • Supports a child to learn to read and write
  • Rated 4.9🌟 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Why offer such a big discount?

We know it’s hard to justify trying new things just now, this code should make it easier.

After serving over 10,000 customers we also know that once you shop Unfolded you won’t go back to traditional brands - allowing us to create long lasting change.

Meet Tania

Tania is nine years old, lives in a community near one of our partner factories, and is one of the 3,500 children we help to learn to read and write with every order from This is Unfolded.

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