Unfolding our story

The story of This is Unfolded starts with a truly terrifying fact.

30% of clothes made are never sold, often instead being sent direct to landfill…

That’s billions of items a year, wasted! Just think of all the water, energy and human effort that goes into that. It's shocking.


items of clothing have been dumped since you started reading this page.


Back in 2014 we set up a company called Mallzee to change shopping for consumers and help major brands understand which products to avoid producing to try and tackle this huge problem - both for their businesses and for the planet.

We worked with a range of major brands, grew to 25 people and had big visions for the future. In reality, it turned out that many companies didn’t care about tackling this issue as much as we did.

For many, the waste created is just part of the cost of doing business…

And for some fast fashion brands, it’s kinda their whole business model!

The mallzee app which had over 1.5 million downloads.


When the pandemic hit, our business and world changed dramatically. With the UK entering lockdown in March 2020 everything stopped; our clients closed down stores and the data we had produced for the last 12 months quickly became almost worthless.

At this point we started to read stories about big fashion brands canceling orders of clothes from factories in some of the poorest parts of the world, without payment. The clothes were made, but the brands wouldn’t pay for the orders they had produced and cancelled, leaving factory owners and garment workers in a terrible situation. A line that particularly struck us was from a factory owner in Bangladesh (over 80% of Bangladeshi exports are clothes) to the BBC.

"If Coronavirus doesn't kill my workers, starvation will..."

Big Ambitions

Over the next 3 weeks a small group of us worked day and night to come up with some way to help. We decided to buy the clothes made by these factories directly and sell them to shoppers all around the world without the brands, and to use the money generated to help the garment workers facing such hardship.

We called this offering Lost Stock - consumers bought a mystery box of clothes (based on their size, age, gender and colour preferences) from the clothes cancelled by big brands without payment. For every box bought we supported a garment worker and her family for a week. New clothes not going to landfill - people helped at a horrible time…

Our little team in Scotland aimed to sell 10,000 of these boxes - a big impact on the world at a horrible time.

Instead we sold 125,000… in 10 countries. In 7 months.


We supported over 113,000 people for a month each in Bangladesh through our partnership with the Sajida Foundation. We bought clothes from over 50 factories that had suffered cancellations from over 30 global brands - many that you would know but we can’t name them as we don’t fancy the lawsuit!

Of course we got things wrong. It turns out building a global supply chain in the middle of a pandemic is difficult! Scaling from 0 customers to over 100,000 practically overnight isn’t an easy process to get right. But we made a difference and we saw the power doing something differently can have. We could make a positive change in the world.

We had spent years trying to make brands better… maybe it’s time to just build better brands?


In 2021 we launched This is Unfolded - a brand new way to shop that removes waste from the production process and uses the savings to offer great prices to you for sustainable/ethical products, ensures higher wages for workers and funds positive impact in the world. Every order supports a child in education around our factories, helping secure a better future for the local community.

By designing with data, involving our community in every decision we make, only producing clothes after you order and by reviewing every part of the process to make it as efficient as possible, we're able to make clothes that aren’t just great looking but have a positive impact in the world - all from removing waste from the process!

This is Unfolded isn’t just a brand - it’s a movement.
It’s about building a better world and it’s about changing lives in the process.
After the last couple of years isn’t that something we can all get on board with?

So that’s our story and how we got here. We are fixing a broken system, working with people just like you to make a big impact in the world, just by making a small change… shopping in a different way.

Fancy joining us?

Love, Team Unfolded
(Cally, Hilde, Jamie, Nicola, Louise, Shell, Will, Anisha, Geraldine, Tania, Julie, Mel and Steph - and a group of amazing partners and friends!)