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3,500+ women design our clothes to make them better for you and the planet...

Did you know 24 billion new items of clothing will be made this year and never sold?

You know the clothes we’re talking about don’t you? The ones in the shop where you just can’t imagine who on earth would ever wear that?

Well it turns out no one would ever wear them... 👗 👋

This happens because brands create hundreds of new styles every year hunting to find the ones that people will actually buy.

It’s an awful approach and on that's creates all that awful waste.

At Unfolded instead of guessing we work with thousands of women to design our clothes instead! 🙋‍♀️


Over 3,500 women now help design every item of clothing that Unfolded makes!  

All these women are real customers just like you and have bought from Unfolded before. They pick the colours, the prints and what products we make.

This approach means Unfoded only makes amazing clothes and removes the waste from the process.

With the money saved by removing the waste we offer you lower prices and fund children who live in the communities surronding our factories in India to learn to read and write.

It’s a lot of fun… but it’s also better for the planet, your purse and for the people who make our clothes!

What's not to love?


Just some of the amazing women who help design every item from Unfolded!  

Loved by 10,000+ women and

Every order you make supports a child to learn to read and write.

In the past 16 months shoppers like you have funded over 3,500 kids in education.

10,000+ women in the UK shop from Unfolded - rating us 4.9* on Trustpilot!

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