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Helen - Sweatshirt Blue


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Your saving

Supports a child in education for months

Sustainably & ethically made

Higher wages for workers


In Collection 01 and 02 we were joined by a sweatshirt called Oneisa, she proved rather popular and so we decided to create an Autumn/Winter version for Collection 03. Enter stage right - The Helen!

A blue relaxed sweatshirt with slight balloon sleeves. Helen has taken onboard all of your feedback and she’s longer than Oneisa was and we think just a little bit softer to touch. To add a bit of light to your autumn looks she’s also only available in light blue and light pink.

(I tried to write this in a similar way as the opening to Fresh Prince of Belair and failed miserable… Sorry Unfolders!)


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Unfolded Traditional
Price £27.50
You save £-27.50
Zero waste Yes No
Kids funded in education Yes No
Higher worker wages Yes No
Sustainable materials Yes No

How Unfolded Works

This item was designed in collaboration with 3,000 women!

All our clothes are made with sustainable materials and nothing goes to waste.

With the money saved we do good in the world and offer you better prices.

Clothes That Do Good

The Helen - Sweatshirt Blue funds children to learn to read and write. Buying this supports a child for months

No new clothes sent to landfill thanks to the Unfolded process - compared to up to 30% with major brands!

Higher wages for garment workers!

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