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We are a brand unlike most others. One way we are different is the way we involve our customers and our community in decision making all the way through the process, from ideas to design. Patterns or prints? Pockets or no pockets? We want to make good clothes that make you feel good - so we need to know what makes you tick!

We love our community and we love hearing your feedback: the good, the bad, the game-changing ideas. Tell us what you think!

You can get involved in our community or you can let us know what you think by taking part in our ongoing surveys, focus groups, social media chats or just talking to our team. We always have questions, so please don’t hold back...


And once you've shopped with us, you can join our Creator Group on Facebook to take part in the discussions about upcoming collections - and to get sneak peeks of pieces we’re working on.

And of course - feel free to get in touch with us if there’s anything on your mind at any time. You can reach us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, even on Twitter - although we post less there) or you can email us on support@thisisunfolded.com. And there’s the ‘speech balloon’ button in the bottom right on every page of the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!