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Sandie - Button Down Pinafore Dress


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Supports a child in education for 2 months

All sustainable materials


When we think of autumn days, we think of corduroy! Okay, we also think about leaves falling and hot chocolate but corduroy is defo up there. Our Sandie Pinafore Dress is a black corduroy sleeveless button-down pinafore mini dress with a v-neck and deep pockets on both sides.

This dress will also be perfect in warmer months without tights or a top under it.


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By removing the waste we offer you amazing value and create positive impact at the same time!

How Unfolded Works

This item was designed in collaboration with 3,000 women!

All our clothes are made with sustainable materials and nothing goes to waste.

With the money saved we do good in the world and offer you better prices.

Clothes That Do Good

The Sandie - Button Down Pinafore Dress funds children to learn to read and write. Buying this supports a child for 2 months

No new clothes sent to landfill thanks to the Unfolded process - compared to up to 30% with major brands!

Higher wages for garment workers!

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