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Zoe - Long Sleeved Button Down Blouse Black


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Supports a child in education for months

All sustainable materials


Love our star print? As well as the amazing dress and the fabulous skirt, we ALSO have this Zoe Long Sleeved Button Down Blouse in Star Print. It doesn’t provide the same ‘swishing’ abilities as the other two pieces in this star print - but with the same magical vibes and a great fit, it will be perfect for all sorts of occasions. Take it out for coffee with friends, stand up for justice in your local community or make folding laundry feel a bit more glamorous!


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By removing the waste we offer you amazing value and create positive impact at the same time!

How Unfolded Works

This item was designed in collaboration with 3,000 women!

All our clothes are made with sustainable materials and nothing goes to waste.

With the money saved we do good in the world and offer you better prices.

Clothes That Do Good

The Zoe - Long Sleeved Button Down Blouse Black funds children to learn to read and write. Buying this supports a child for months

No new clothes sent to landfill thanks to the Unfolded process - compared to up to 30% with major brands!

Higher wages for garment workers!

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