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This is Unfolded

Sustainable affordable clothes that change lives

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30% of new clothes are never sold!

This year that will be 26 billion items of clothing. It’s time to make clothes without the waste - it’s time for Unfolded!

Why you'll love Unfolded

Our clothes are kinder to the planet. Up to 30% of new clothes from big brands go straight to landfill - at Unfolded it’s 0%.

Our prices are up to 35% lower due to the savings made removing the waste.

The rest of the money saved supports kids to learn to read and write in India, and pays garment workers higher wages!

What you say about Unfolded

My clothes from This is Unfolded are amazing and they've funded a child to learn to read and write - fav brand! Hannah

This is the future of shopping - ethical and affordable Natalie

If you’re looking for a TRULY SUSTAINABLE brand that actually delivers great quality clothing at great prices, then Unfolded is for you. Rebecca

Absolutely brilliant organisation that actually cares about the planet, the people who make the clothes and their customers. E Shaw

Join 45,000+ women shopping a better way with Unfolded

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The Impact your orders have had so far!

6000 +

Children funded in education


Workers received higher wages


Products sent to landfill

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