Fast fashion is destroying our planet. Things need to change.

30% of clothes are never sold, and most end up destroyed or in landfill

The fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year

The fashion industry produces 80 billion new items of clothing every year

This is a better way

We need to put the brakes on fast fashion and change to a more sustainable way to shop. This is Unfolded makes clothes that are better for workers, better for the environment and better for you. This is a new way of shopping. 

Try this

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What our customers have said

"I love the clothes I ordered from This is Unfolded - they are of a high quality, a good fit and were well worth the wait."


"I am so impressed with this company - their products and their mission. The good they are doing for the environment, garment workers and their families is incredible."


"Each item is so well made from beautiful material and fit perfectly! I'm so impressed."


"Great clothes that support those making them."


This is Unfolded - a new approach

Better for workers

  • Every purchase supports a child in education in our factory’s local community
  • We pay higher wages to our factory workers
  • We work closely with our factory partners and ensure good working conditions

Better for the planet

  • We only produce clothes after you place your order
  • We use sustainable materials whenever possible
  • We reduce our carbon footprint through packaging, logistics and cutting waste

Better for for you

  • We design our collections together with our community of shoppers
  • We cut the waste in production and can offer you better prices as a result
  • We make sustainable, affordable, quality clothes that look good and do good

Join us in shopping that makes a difference