Our way is better...

Traditional retail

30% of products made end up in landfill due to over production

A waste lorry full of clothes sent to landfill every second...

Massive expensive advertising campaigns

Endless collections of similar products

Clothes that somehow cost less than your morning latte...

This is Unfolded

No clothes sent to landfill - we only produce after you order

Higher wages for workers due to the savings

A child supported in education with every order

Amazing products at a fair price

A movement of people just like you that are making a positive impact in the world through their shopping choices

Waste reduction model

We’ve redesigned the whole fashion model to remove the huge amounts of waste created by normal brands.

Using data, feedback from people just like you and a factory to consumer model we offer great clothes at an amazing price. With the savings generated we support children in education and pay workers better. 

To order just choose any pieces from our limited Collection. We then make your clothes with leading factories and they're shipped directly to you.

Our approach does take a little bit longer for your clothes to arrive but we promise you'll love the quality of them and knowing they’ve made a positive impact in the world.

Get early access to the next collection


Change the model - change lives

Because we only start making clothes when orders are generated, we remove the 30% of products that end up in landfill after never being worn.

This generates significant savings - which we use to positively change lives.

We do this by funding education programs with our partners Pratham and by paying garment workers better through The Unfolded Worker fund.

After 3 months we've supported 750 children in education for 12 months and provided higher wages to nearly 300 workers.

How is this all possible?

We look at everything in the normal process differently to create positive change and make the world a better place.

We’re a small (but extremely enthusiastic) team of data scientists, marketers and buyers, and fuelled by too much tea, we’re working to do more for garment workers, for society, and for you. 

Last year we launched an initiative called Lost Stock that ended up supporting 113,000 garment workers for over a month each by selling the clothes cancelled by other brands who refused to pay for them due to the pandemic. With Unfolded we’re going to change millions of lives…

Let’s not beat around the bush – we're not going to be for everyone. Some people won't wait 4-6 weeks for their new clothes, but that's okay.

We know that if enough people like you join us and try something new and challenge the way it's always been done, real change can be created.

Try Unfolded and help us make a better world